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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Nelson Mandela - A Light Who Continues to Shine

Nelson Mandela July 18, 1918 - December 6, 2013

"I am not a saint, unless you define a saint a sinner who keeps on trying" Nelson Mandela

It is not often a truly exquisite, courageous soul embodies on this planet.  And when one does, their impact is felt long after they leave.  Their iridescent waves of impact bathe all, leaving no grains of sand untouched. We feel their impact, but not their loss because they live on.  

I need not write eloquent words of tribute for I feel in my heart his essence as part of myself.  This essence continues through each and every one of us as we open to and fulfill our potential.  Nelson Mandela certainly achieved and exceeded his potential.  We honor him as we springboard off the anchor of truth he set.  The voice of our moral compass guides the way if only we will listen.  It is not a loud, overbearing voice, but it is strong.

His life and work leave a legacy of more than breadcrumbs to follow.  His memory belongs to each of us.

"He no longer belongs to us - he belongs to the ages, he took history in his hands and bent the arc of the moral universe towards justice."  -  President Barack Obama

On this day of his death, I light a candle in his memory and know that the arc will continue to bend as each and every one of us picks up his mantle and keeps on trying.