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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Self Sacrifice Has No Place Living as A Quantum Awakening Person

"What usually has the strongest psychic effect on the child is the life which the parents...have not yet lived."

    Carl Jung

As a child, I watched how my parents lived their lives.  They both worked hard, barely made ends meet, and over and over again sacrificed to someone or something else.  They gave themselves away to each other, to their culture, to their work, to their bills, and to me.  They are both gone now, and as I reflect, I see their lives were not without accomplishment or growth. Indeed, I think they did their growth work in their own way. Sometimes consciously, sometimes not.

When they passed I believe they transitioned better people.  However, I do not believe either lived their true potential.   They lived a potential, but perhaps not their truest, most fulfilling potential.

They probably watched their parents sacrifice, who watched theirs, and theirs before them. For generations we have lived the way of self-sacrifice.  I followed the road map of should and self-sacrifice for many years.  I followed these until the quantum waved its flag toward my attention and I learned there is a truer way of being. A way that is beneficial to everyone, myself included.

Sacrifice is a loss of something you give up, usually for the sake of a better cause.  Parents sacrifice time and sleep to take care of their children.   The sacrifices made as parents are gladly given in order to do the best for our children.  That's a good thing.  And everyone makes sacrifices for others in many ways.  If sacrifice is rooted in caring, sharing, and comes from a balanced center the outcome is beneficial..  We have, however, given ourselves over to the vagaries of self-sacrifice. We are out of balance and  have lost who we truly are.

When we lose ourselves, we begin to feel inadequate and insecure.  Our self-esteem chips away, and we try to find ways to compensate.  We sacrifice ourselves to the "Gods" of drink, drugs, self flagellation, even to divine beings.  We go to church, take communion, do penance, pay karma, volunteer when we need rest, all to appease whatever our "god" happens to be.  Anything to "find" fulfillment, and to fill the hole.  We will never be whole by trying to fill the hole.

If we are ever to dig ourselves out from the hole of self-deception and reside in the wholeness of our self,  the paradigm of self-sacrifice needs to shift to a paradigm of true self love.  Fulfillment occurs when we live from a balanced, loving center, being fully human and fully divine.   It doesn't mean we are perfect.   Trying to be perfect is just another form of sacrificing ourselves to some standard outside ourselves, a standard which is based in familial and cultural agenda.

Our family and western culture tells us we are selfish if we love ourselves.  This is a form of control based upon a narcissistic definition of self love and  is not a quantum, universally based definition.  The self-love to which I refer arises naturally as we shed our self-distortions and occurs when we do our personal work, preferably with consciousness..

I feel the truth in Carl Jung's quote cited above.  My parent's influence came not so much from what they did, but from what they didn't do.  In gratitude, my attempt to live differently is my gift back to them.   Pass it along.

The Playbook facilitates a process which will help you release your self-distortions.  Think of a situation or a person to which you feel you are giving yourself away.  Self-select a matrix and follow the process outlined for that matrix.  Notice if there is a change. 

Remember to do the "Make a Difference" step outlined for each matrix with which you play.

A cool tip is that self love is natural in play.  It is not natural in stress.

If you have comments to share regarding this post, please do so.  Your thoughtful comments and dialogue benefit everyone.

I do reserve the right to edit and approve submitted comments.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Quantum Applecart

A number of years ago, upon awakening into the quantum world, I began making life decisions, many of which were not the most popular decisions on the block.  As I made decisions that undid my falsely constructed world of self, more and more I fell out of popularity with the upwardly mobile, normal crowd.

I remember having a Tarot reading at that time.  I selected a card with a picture of people inside a church window looking out on the street at the poor beggars who were out in the cold.  The tarot reader told me this is the way people viewed me, as being out in the cold.  I felt a combination of anger and not giving a crap all at the same time.  The conformist," fit-in-girl" within didn't like being out in the cold, but the rebel within me was complimented by being an outcast.

Twenty plus years have passed and the memory of upsetting the apple cart still is with me.  However, I have had 20 years to watch how the decision to answer the quantum call has unfolded into an awakened life of grace.  Not always ease, but grace indeed.  I wouldn't change my decision to jump into the quantum soup.  Now I would guess the people around me who were affected by my decisions along the way recognize how I and they have benefited.  Some probably still view me as being out in the cold.  I pray for them.

It takes guts to answer the call and upset the apple cart.  But when the quantum gets our attention and takes hold, life will change.  Why?  Because you will change.  How?  You will become less and less who you think you are and more and more you will become who you really are.  That's the Truth.

But here's the catch.  The truer you become to yourself, other's around you will be forced to look at who they are.  Or not.  In any event, you will upset the proverbial apple cart of complacent everyday life.  It isn't the most popular consensus reality choice to make.  But then the quantum world doesn't jive with consensus reality.

Fortunately there are brave souls out there who mean to change that.  Will you be one of them?  To me there is only one choice to make and that is the choice to be uniquely who you are.  It is an incredible, beautiful thing when someone is willing to be exactly who they are.  I'd love to throw a party to celebrate that!

Cynthia Torp, Director of The One World Puja Network said it well.  " all of you who are not trying to be like everyone else, who know what it means to conform - and aren't interested, who follow your own unique spirit or calling, who are willing  to be uniquely different on this planet - I celebrate you.  I thank you sincerely for daring to be different!  Thank you for knowing that you can only make a difference by being uniquely who you are.  Thank you for showing the world that so much more is possible than most imagine."

Now that is quantum!  Cheers!

Ask yourself the question, "am I a quantum apple cart up setter?"  Then take out your Playbook and see which matrices show up to answer your question.