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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Expanding Quantum Consciousness

The greatest fear we have is not that we will go broke, loose our job, loose our mate, loose our home, and the list goes on....The greatest fear we have is the fear of life and truly being ourselves.  At first glance you may say, "well, that is ridiculous, of course I want to be myself."  Well I can tell you that in the many years of working with hundreds of people, whatever fear someone brought through my door, when distilled, was the fear of personal greatness and the knowing of oneself as a truly powerful being.  I witnessed people making up all kinds of stories in order to maintain their comfortable fear-based perspective.

Ironic that we would be afraid to be ourselves.  We have made our ego bigger than life and now the ego runs the show.  Our ego chooses to maintain the fear-based stories and becomes the powerful director of our choice.  Choices are made to support our fear.

If we understand that our choices are powerfully catalytic, we would be careful about making them.  We have lost the knowing of the true power of our choice.  Expanding into quantum consciousness necessitates we remember this truth.  We must know the power of our choice is as potent as the sun's energy.  We are an immense spirit.

We need examples of this truth.  And one example is demonstrated in Anita Moorjani's story of her near-death experience.  Ms. Moorjani was at death's door, at the end of a three-year battle with cancer.  Dying, she had a near-death experience, came back, and her cancer was gone.  She recounts her experience in this delightful You Tube interview.

The title of her newly-released book is "Dying to Be Me".  Check it out.

When you awaken to the power of your choice, you will begin to make different choices and your life will get better.

Play with Matrices #10, #25, #14, #27, #35

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Quantum Consciousness - Where to Start

World behind the world

My first experience with hearing the word "quantum" was in 1991.  Someone invited me to attend an all-day program with Susan Jeffers, Bernie Segal, Deepak Chopra, and Wayne Dyer.  At the time I hadn't heard of any of these people, but attending the conference seemed better than sitting behind my desk all day so off I went.

I found the speakers motivating to be sure, and obviously something inside myself was ready to awaken, otherwise I would have preferred sitting behind my desk that day.  Deepak Chopra was the third presenter, and he began by talking about something called "quantum healing."  My reaction was something greater than bells and whistles and short of a major nuclear explosion going off inside myself.  I began to sob those embarrassing, uncontrollable kinds of sobs that sound more a wailing fox.  If you have ever heard a wailing fox you would know it is not a pretty sound.  The longer he spoke, the greater the dam opened and the tears streamed.  I woke up inside.  My relationship with the quantum began.

I can't explain this relationship through my experience as a quantum physicist.  I have none.  I can only share what has been my 20+ years of practical and heuristic study.  I continue to posit my assertions as I wander, wonder, integrate, explore, and awaken within quantum consciousness.

Someone once told me they loved taking my classes on quantum consciousness because I explained the topic in a simple way they could understand. Simple understanding equates to simple explanation.  However, simple doesn't mean easy.  And this is where I focus and where the mastery occurs.  Not my mastery, but your mastery.  Awakening to your quantum self is a next evolutionary step, a step I believe we are now taking.

Newtonian physics would have us believe our world is only what we see, not because science wishes to limit its perspective, but it  has worked hard to explain the world we see in front of our eyes.  Good job.  We are limited by the science of our times, and now quantum science is taking us into a new world.  A world which exists at the level behind our eyes.  A reality which has been deemed to be non-ordinary but is probably more real than one to which we currently subscribe.   It is a field comprised of the smallest of particles, appearing to have a mind of their own.  It is the world behind the world.

You must acknowledge, accept, and eventually integrate the knowing that there is world behind the world, and a world behind what you see as you. This is where you start. 

The Matrix Magic Playbook speaks to you in that world.  As you play in the book, greater awareness about yourself will occur and your quantum self will naturally respond to the truth of you.  The shifts and changes within will happen so quickly you will feel they occurred as if by magic.

Play with Matrices #11, #27, #32, #14, #9.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Awaken Your Quantum Consciousness

There continue to be reports of elephants being killed.  Recently I read more accounts from the BBC.  Additionally the BBC reports today that more than half of the common plant species and a third of animals could see a serious decline in their habitat range because of climate change.  New research suggests that biodiversity around the world will be significantly impacted if temperatures rise more than 2C. Nature Climate Change recently published a paper on the subject.  The report goes on to say that if greenhouse gasses are cut rapidly then the impact on biodiversity could be significantly curbed.  

Elephant killings, habitat loss, globing warming...Our human impact is immense.  We are impacting our environment in a way that is creating decline outside the normal laws of entropy.   But we also can have impact in the direction towards positive change.   We can exponentially change things if we learn how to  engage at the quantum level of life and direct our energies out into the world from a balanced center of self.

A physicist once told me that without the quantum, nothing else would exist.   If we focus on our quantum selves through our meditations, prayers, and centering practices and then take action in sustainable directions we can and will create the world in which we wish to live.  That is a promise.  We are the promise we have been waiting for.

Living life awake and aware of the quantum world and making the choice for altruistic outcome will exponentially change life on earth.  Begin with yourself.  Wake up to yourself and awaken your quantum consciousness.

Play with matrices #10, #17, #30, #14, #11, #25, #33

Monday, May 6, 2013

Does Life Get Any Easier as You Progress on the Spiritual Path - Conscious Response

Recently I was asked the question about whether or not traveling the spiritual path of  life becomes easier the farther we progress in the journey.  This is a commonly asked question because we want things to be easy.  But easy is a human fabrication, and not a question of concern to the spirit.  

There are many reasons people turn to the path of spiritual growth. Many do so because life is not easy or something was falling apart or was not working as well as we would wish.  Problems are actually stepping stones into a bigger "us."   The inner nudging from our soul sometimes turn into a crash that takes us to the bottom of the barrel before we are willing to listen.  Something has to get our attention.

I wouldn't say that the activities in life become easier necessarily, but I would say that what does become easier is the ability to be consistently grounded in our spiritual center.   External circumstances do not have the same effect, and we see things through a different lens.  Not a lens of indifference, but a lens solidly grounded in the trust or the knowing of a bigger picture.

A grounded center of being conflicts with our creating trauma drama, therefore the superfluous constructs of these activities do diminish as one grows spiritually.  A peaceful co-existence with self is established and is reflected out into the world around us.  Peace feels quiet and humans tend to interchange the words "peace" and "boredom." 

The human psyche isn't accustomed to peace as a way of being and will try over and over again to create drama as the greater self gravitates to peace.  It is important to remain vigilant about not falling prey to what the ego tries to construct.  We must constantly choose to align not with the mechanistic actions of ego, but with the energetics of a more favorable choice.  

We are not immune from the day-to-day business of paying the bills, facing challenging health crises, sitting next to a troubled friend, etc. but it is possible to live in a state of equanimity and balance when responding to daily life occurrences.  In fact, the responsibility (RESPONSE ABILITY) to do so becomes greater.  As we become more consciously awake and grounded in our divine self, our capacity for clarity increases and we become aware of other's misconstructions.  No longer do we have the luxury of the slippery slope of judgement.  Rather we must live in "conscious response."

To the buddhist the ability for conscious response is grounded in  "detachment" with "compassion."  To the Christian it is grounded in "love." To the Lakota Sioux it is grounded in "the wisdom of wakan tanka."   To the Sufi it is grounded in "purity and adaptability."  To the Kabbalist is is grounded in the tree of life."  And on it goes.

To me conscious response is heaven on earth, and if the plan is to spiritually progress to the greatest extent of our human capacity we must forget the lofty new-age notion of "enlightenment" and aim towards "en-earthenment," or being the best we can be while on earth.  

Kindness goes along way towards this.

Play with Matrix #20.

Hello Okmulgee Playgroup

Hello to my Okmulgee friends from Oklahoma and Arkansas!

I love this picture I took in the Okmulgee State park.  It represents to me stepping up into the quantum mystery and magic of life.  The steps we took together when recently I facilitated a Matrix Magic Playgroup near Okmulgee Oklahoma. I was so inspired to meet new friends and to see the light that is being shared through each individual's work and interests.  Thanks to you all for being my teacher!   Our diverse group of gifted people shared a day of fun, laughter, food, and exploration into the deeper quantum self and matrix magic.  We played in the Matrix of "Kindness" and the next day I felt the energy of kindness washing through me like a gentle rain of blessing.  Blissed out!

Suggestions for the Okmulgee group:

I encourage this Playgroup to post  your experiences of the day in this blog and start a dialogue of blog posts to communicate with each other as you continue to deepen your experience with Matrix Magic Playbook within the quiet of your home.   Your comments, reflections, and sharing will help each other as a group and everyone else who views the blog site.

 Additionally I recommend you continue meeting as a group to play with the Matrix Magic Playbook in the company of others as group experience exponentially favors your personal growth.  Allow yourself to continue to explore the magic of  the quantum field and make a difference to all of life around you.

I love you all, and I thank you for allowing me to facilitate the group.

A bit about Okmulgee Oklahoma   

Okmulgee was founded in 1868, when the Creek National began restoring order after the Civil War.  The Creeks initially built a two-story log council house, open to tours, to serve as their capital.  The original building burned in 1878 and was replaced with the stone building that stands today.   The St. Louis, Oklahoma and Southern Railway arrived in 1900 and triggered a building boom.  By the time of statehood in 1907, the town had 2,322 residents.  The discovery of oil nearby in 1907 further expanded Okmulgee and brought new industries.  Okmulgee means "boiling waters: in the Creek language.  The population is around 13,000 and is notable as the seat of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation Tribal Complex.

A few miles away resides the Okmulgee State Park where my body, mind, and spirit rejoiced being in this incredible environment. Here are some pictures:

Reluctantly I leave the area only to look forward to returning sometime down the road.  Onward I go to my next stop and experience, leaving a trail of breadcrumbs for others to follow.