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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Expanding Quantum Consciousness

The greatest fear we have is not that we will go broke, loose our job, loose our mate, loose our home, and the list goes on....The greatest fear we have is the fear of life and truly being ourselves.  At first glance you may say, "well, that is ridiculous, of course I want to be myself."  Well I can tell you that in the many years of working with hundreds of people, whatever fear someone brought through my door, when distilled, was the fear of personal greatness and the knowing of oneself as a truly powerful being.  I witnessed people making up all kinds of stories in order to maintain their comfortable fear-based perspective.

Ironic that we would be afraid to be ourselves.  We have made our ego bigger than life and now the ego runs the show.  Our ego chooses to maintain the fear-based stories and becomes the powerful director of our choice.  Choices are made to support our fear.

If we understand that our choices are powerfully catalytic, we would be careful about making them.  We have lost the knowing of the true power of our choice.  Expanding into quantum consciousness necessitates we remember this truth.  We must know the power of our choice is as potent as the sun's energy.  We are an immense spirit.

We need examples of this truth.  And one example is demonstrated in Anita Moorjani's story of her near-death experience.  Ms. Moorjani was at death's door, at the end of a three-year battle with cancer.  Dying, she had a near-death experience, came back, and her cancer was gone.  She recounts her experience in this delightful You Tube interview.

The title of her newly-released book is "Dying to Be Me".  Check it out.

When you awaken to the power of your choice, you will begin to make different choices and your life will get better.

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  1. I really enjoyed Anita's honest story of a fear based life and how it created cancer. Listening to this account of the healing power of love is an one that truly impacted my life too. Now I'm looking forward to working with the Playbook too....what a combination.