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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Healing and Love Come From Many Sources - Guest Blogger

A recent playgroup participant shared her experience about healing.  I share it with you.

Written by:  Cindy K.

Healing and  Love Come From Many Sources
Animals have been a catalyst for my healing, as my life in the past taught me to trust humans very little.
Horses walked into my life and taught me freedom  to walk away from an unhappy marriage and a controlling religion. It took me a while to realize how it all happened, but on looking back, there was a direct connection with the horses. I had never felt so light, free and happy when with these new animals that were brought to me  at midlife.
As I expanded my experience of massage to include equine massage, my continued work with horses taught me their energy merges with ours and they indeed help to release our personal negativge energy, explaining why humans feel so positive around them. Their use in therapy for disabled and dysfunctional people has exploded on the scene in the last ten years, now that this has been researched and utilized..
A friend widened my area of understanding about animals when he suggested I read Ted Andrews book "Animal Speak" wherein he talks about the different energies, messages and wisdom that comes from various species.  It took me a while to apply what was being taught, but I finally found myself looking for the messge behind an animal that I didn't normally see in my area or being presented in an unusual fashion.
One day I was walking to my mailbox and I noticed a dead cardinal in my path.  I got a stick and moved it into the large neighboring pasture about 30' away in the tall grass.  The next day I went to the mailbox and saw the exact same bird in the same place.  I couldnt believe it was the same bird so I walked over into the pasture and searched diligently, to no avail.  I then researched in the Ted Andrew's book and found the information in the last paragraph about cardinals...." you may want to connect further with some religious part of your life that is missing, as the cardinal can reflect on the cardinals in Catholicism".  However. this was a DEAD cardinal, so I looked at it as a confirmation that leaving my church was being wise for me.  (I had been dealing with some emotional issues concerning that very subject).
Then one day a bald eagle flew into my backyard and landed in my tree. WOW,, nothing more regal and demanding of attention than that. I barely breathed as I looked up at him, thanking him for coming into my yard and bringing me a powerful message. After he left, I looked up the information and trusted my inner 'knowing' to connect with the applicable message for me. I was greatly honored.
Sitting on the front porch swing at dawn with a cup of coffee. a heron flies low in front of me. I was appreciative but didnt really acknowledge the message until the third one flew in front of me.  The becoming aware, noticing and acknowledging the power behind the message is truly powerful.
A bobcat at dusk,,, an owl hooting in the distance,,,or an elephant coming to me in a dream are all messages'
About a month ago I entered my library and noticed that the belt on the floor wasn't actually a belt but a six foot snake that was stationary.  Startled, I backed up quickly and he went behind a piece of furniture.  A harnless black snake, I asked a neighbor to gently remove him to the barn to safely care for poisonous snakes out there.  Looking up the information, it stated that I was now ready to shed my old skin, making way for new, healthy environment. I really liked that as I was questioning some challenges along those lines.
Last week during my daughter's visit, I stepped onto my enclosed back porch to see thousands of ants streaming in two separate paths,, one going east and one going west.  I was startled because I had never seen an ant inside my home before.  Now there were thousands. At first I thought of getting the wasp spray (which I use for fiddle back spiders who are very poisonous here in Okla) but then I stopped and wondered if there could be a message for me.  I got Ted's book and found a very important piece of the puzzle for me.  After reading it, I went back to the porch and thanked the ants for the message, appreciating their presence and blessing them and then stating that it was alright for them to leave.  Twenty minutes later they were completely gone.  Both my daughter and I were astounded with the whole experience.
Being aware and open to new experiences has been a tremendous blessing in my life and rather than fear or doubt something, I research and see what applies to me.  I have always been connected to animals but had no idea that they could open our souls and give us a whole new life, when we are ready.It just further confirms my new belief that we are all one, all connected, all loving.


  1. Cindy,

    Thank you once again for reminding me of the spiritual values and lessons right in front of us through our friends in the animal world. Coincidentally I just purchased another copy of Animal Speak a few weeks ago to replace one I loaned to another two years ago.

    The message is strong and clear. There are a few recent animal encounters in front of me with valuable insights to current decisions that I have been resisting.

    It's time to delve into the Playbook and Animal Speak to bring some clarity to my soul and consciousness. Thank you for your insight.

    Mike B. (Your Claremore friend)

    Ps: Melissa, thank you for the nudge.

  2. Cindy,

    Thank you for your inspiration and insight. I was wondering why that Animal Speak book jumped off the shelf at the book store last month. Your story inspired me to open it to decipher two recent animal encounters. It helped me clarify some recent roadblocks in my life.

    I then worked two matrices from the Playbook.

    Again, thank you for the motivation. You are a great teacher.

    Mike B.