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Sunday, May 31, 2015

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Don't be Afraid of the Dark

I never know exactly how to respond to the news.  Each day I watch and listen to several news sources.   I feel it is our responsibility to be informed because we are earth citizens and transformational agents of change. While I don't always believe everything I read and hear reported, I do have the awareness, as most of us do who follow news reports that the world is in quite a state of chaos.  Reports abound of violent crimes and shootings, weather incidents of drought, heat waves, tornadoes, floods, ethical violations of those we have trusted, human trafficking, and the list goes on.  Just as I think that the craziness and chaos can't get any worse, another event occurs and I feel myself going down the rabbit hole of despair.  What is happening?  Is this chaos a reflection of our own collective shadow?  I believe this is so.  What do you believe?

Following the collective shadow leads us into the exploration of our personal shadow.  All that has been hidden is coming to the surface.   There is much that resides in the dark that must reveal.  It is in the revelation that change occurs, and the choice towards higher consciousness can be made.   We feel hopeless until we realize that we don't have to sit passively by  while the chaos goes on around us.  We can and must take the action of self-direction to guide the light into our own dark places.  We can restore order within ourselves and emerge into our own brilliance.

Great brilliance resides within our own dark places, of which we are afraid.  We anesthetize ourselves so we don't feel our own pain. Yet, it is in the opening into our dark places, and allowing the light to touch us that our own transformation can occur.  We mine the gold  within as we allow ourselves to touch into the dark cave of self and find what is there.   Begin now.  Don't be afraid of your shadow. There is so much more to you that has yet to be revealed.

Play with Matrix #7 - The Shadow 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Nelson Mandela - A Light Who Continues to Shine

Nelson Mandela July 18, 1918 - December 6, 2013

"I am not a saint, unless you define a saint a sinner who keeps on trying" Nelson Mandela

It is not often a truly exquisite, courageous soul embodies on this planet.  And when one does, their impact is felt long after they leave.  Their iridescent waves of impact bathe all, leaving no grains of sand untouched. We feel their impact, but not their loss because they live on.  

I need not write eloquent words of tribute for I feel in my heart his essence as part of myself.  This essence continues through each and every one of us as we open to and fulfill our potential.  Nelson Mandela certainly achieved and exceeded his potential.  We honor him as we springboard off the anchor of truth he set.  The voice of our moral compass guides the way if only we will listen.  It is not a loud, overbearing voice, but it is strong.

His life and work leave a legacy of more than breadcrumbs to follow.  His memory belongs to each of us.

"He no longer belongs to us - he belongs to the ages, he took history in his hands and bent the arc of the moral universe towards justice."  -  President Barack Obama

On this day of his death, I light a candle in his memory and know that the arc will continue to bend as each and every one of us picks up his mantle and keeps on trying.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Moonbird - The Tragedy of Extinction and Inspiration of the Miracle

A friend gave me a lovely book by Phillip Hoose, entitled "Moonbird, A Year on the Wind with the Great Survivor B95."  Moonbird is pictured here.

B95 is a rufa red knot.  Scientists call him the Moonbird because, in the course of his long lifetime, the robin-sized shorebird has flown the distance to the moon and halfway back.  Each February he and his flock leave from Tierra del Fuego in Argentina, and head for the Canadian Arctic, nine thousand miles away.  In late summer, they begin the return journey.

B95 can fly for days, but eventually he descends to refuel and rest.  Recent changes at stopover sites along his migratory circuit, changes caused mostly by human activity, have reduced the food available and made it harder for the birds to reach.

During B95's lifetime, the rufa population has been reduced by 80 percent.  This bird is now 20 years old, and scientists are puzzled about how this one bird makes it year after year when so many others fail.

As I read the book, and enjoyed the beautiful pictures, I found my heart sinking as I contemplated the demise of the shorebirds due to loss of habitat, and at the same time I was  inspired by this little B95 creature. For twenty years he has continued his steady habits that have made him the most successful of all known living shorebirds, finding his sacred places and enduring as the eldest of his tribe, "the ultimate citizen of the wind."  His story is about a vanishing breed and one amazing, tireless survivor.

Perhaps the vanishing rufa species, along with the thousands of species vanishing each year portends the fate of the human species. A human frailty is that we take for granted that our survival is assured.  The luxury of this belief is over, and it is time that we pull our heads out of the sand and wake up to conscious survival.

What is conscious survival?   B95 leaves breadcrumbs of information about conscious survival. His story inspires us to shore up our elder within, find our sacred place and live the best we can as ultimate citizens of the earth.  The Moonbird rises to tell us about ourselves.

For more information go to

Play with Matrix #45 as you hold the focus of being an ultimate citizen of the earth.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Guest Blogger - Embracing Our Vulnerability

With Gratitude - Elaine K. Williams

In the last few months, I have thought a lot about what it takes to allow ourselves to be vulnerable, to feel our vulnerability.  So much so, I have even found myself talking about vulnerability with my training audiences and retreat participants. I am noticing I am beginning to view vulnerability from a place of strength and not weakness. The term itself is defined by Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary as "weak and easily hurt physically or emotionally."

Yet, both personally and professionally, I believe that being aware of my vulnerability offers me the opportunity to know my authentic self. To acknowledge it, and not hide it from others takes strength. It also requires I am sufficiently secure within myself to manage it, to trust that my vulnerability is a place from which I can grow and gain wisdom. It is also a place from which I can connect deeply to others.

I have noticed for a long time now, that people don’t really connect in any deep way when they are in their perceived strengths. Their confidence, if not over-confidence, often leads to competition between them and interactions that are intellectual in nature. Whereas, when we are vulnerable and willing to acknowledge this place within ourselves, our connection is a ‘heart’ connection. It is an empathic connection, and the moment that happens it strengthens everyone involved…it allows everyone to simply ‘be!’

When I do not defend being vulnerable, I have all of my energy available to cope with it in a healthy way. When I defend by hiding, blaming, pretending, withdrawing, being aggressive, I put on a mask that says, “don’t see me, I am vulnerable right now!” That defense requires a lot of our energy and so it drains us. We put so much into ‘masking’ our vulnerability, we have little energy left to deal with it openly and from a place of self-love. What’s worse, it causes us to dis-connect from ourselves, and when we do that we have superficial relationships with others.

Disconnecting from our vulnerability also causes us to disconnect from the natural world. This is evidenced in the decisions we are making which negatively impact the balance of life on this planet.  Disconnected from our true selves, we create illusions and distortions and we delude ourselves by believing our decisions don’t affect anyone or anything else, including the Earth. Yet they do! We are all in a constant state of influencing and being influenced by each other. Experiencing our vulnerability fosters compassion and connection to each other and to the natural world. Authenticity is the solution not the threat!

So, embracing vulnerability can elicit self-love and self-care, and so it strengthens us and supports our authenticity. I urge you to observe yourself when you feel vulnerable. If you have a tendency to mask it, tune into your self-awareness and offer yourself a new thought and so, a new choice to greet it with openness and love. Your gift will be a keen sense of wholeness and well-being!

See the link to Elaine's blog at the right side of the blogsite.  Enjoy!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Matrix Magic Playbook Tip - Begin

What remains unconscious will blindside you, what is brought conscious sets you free. Play with the Matrix Magic Playbook to assist in personal revelation.  The deeper you wish to go, the deeper it will take you.  It only works if you begin.

An incredible mushroom pops out from the dark

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Star Trek, The Traveler, and our Quantum Mission

Traveler in Main Engineering, remastered
Star Trek's, The Traveler

The Traveler in 2364
I have always been a Star Trek fan.  As a kid, I watched the original series, which began in 1966.  The original shows remain my favorite, hokey as I now think they are.  I adjusted as the series evolved to The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, 12  movies, and most recently movie number 13, Into the Darkness.   Even kids that did not grow up trekkies will enjoy the antics of the young crew.  It was terrific fun!

Screenwriter and visionary Gene Rodenberry wove into plots and characters, clues about the evolution of consciousness.

One of the characters was "The Traveler."  The Traveler, whose real name was unpronounceable by Humans, was a mysterious humanoid who had the ability to alter space, time and warp fields with the power of his mind.  He could phase out of time and dimension and move between planets and star ships.  These abilities were based on his ability to focus the energy of thoughts and in his advanced understanding of the nature of reality.  Sounds quantum to me.

According to The Traveler, thought was the basis of all reality.  Read more about The Traveler at this link:

In one of the episodes, the traveler, the crew and the ship were at the edge of the universe, their demise imminent. In a desperate attempt to save the ship and crew, the captain asked the crew to focus on their duty and apply all their thoughts towards the well being of the traveler.  Each crew member did their duty while they focused on the traveler, who after considerable effort, got them back to safety.

The episode reminds me of where we are today.  Perhaps we are facing imminent demise, or perhaps we have an opportunity to go where no one has gone before.  We are unsure about what may occur.  Either way many of us are aware a shift is happening.  We may be wondering how to steer the ship.   I prefer to steer not towards the final frontier, but towards ever-expanding possibility.  An inquisitive mind and a researcher's curiosity leads me to contemplate the faculties of consciousness and lifestyle to adopt and adapt in order to stay on course.

Here are two.  

#1  Focus on duty.

Duty means to methodically focus on the act of survival, as we apply a focus on our unique gifts and talents. Duty necessitates each of us cultivate commitment and discipline to what these gifts are and to live our unique beingness.  As we chop wood and carry water we contribute to society.  We must own and utilize our unique gifts.

However, we seem unwilling to own our unique gifts and talent.  We denigrate ourselves and will do anything not to stand out.  We give lip service to "finding ourselves" and living our "Truth," whatever that means.  Why do we stop ourselves from truly acknowledging, accepting, and integrating our unique selves? We do so because we are afraid of other's jealousy or we don't try because we think we have to be the best.  We must be perfect.  This leads to acting from inadequacy and insecurity, instead of acting from strength of self.

#2  Hold a focus for well being for human, for humanness, for humanity and for ourselves as humans as dearly loved beings. 

This is difficult for us as we see ourselves as being separate from each other. We act from separation  and we have issues with being human.  We do our best to get out of rather than to embrace the body,  its splendor and its idiosyncrasies.  We must embrace the gorgeous beings we are if we are to discontinue our separating behavior and wake up to recognize heaven is on earth.  We are magnificent, warts and all.  To believe otherwise is our narcissistic attempt to remain small and deflect responsibility.

This is not to condone the atrocities of human propagation, but rather to support a change in our conscious perspective.

The Star Trek crew members accepted  their respective gifts, and responsibly applied them towards their duty. They collectively focused upon the Traveler's well-being.  They made it home.

Will we?

Play with Matrices #42, #7, #11, #17, #27, #29, #50

I thank one of my enlightened colleagues for giving me the idea for this post.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Believe and Birth - Guest Blogger

Soul-Trees drawn by: Allyson Williams - Yee

Allyson is an artist and intuitive. She combines her passions for creating art and connecting it to Spirit in her Soul Trees work. She created Soul Trees to inspire each of us on our individual journeys. If you would like to order your own Soul-Tree go to her website.

Allyson writes:

"This was a particularly challenging week for me. I was not feeling inspired to write, however, I decided to because I had a feeling it might help me feel better. For a little guidance, I pulled two cards from a deck I created called, The Wisdom of Soul Trees. The messages I pulled were Believe and Birth-New Arrival. 

I immediately made a connection between the messages on the cards.  Energetically, I feel like I am clearing out old junk to make room to Birth something New. I do Believe that something better is on its way and this brings me comfort, but I am feeling impatient as well. 

Although my higher mind Believes, my ego has done some complaining. Just when I am feeling like my dreams are beginning to take shape, I had a week that felt like things turned themselves upside-down. My Higher Self was plugged into my internal confidence and whispered this to me all week, but my loud, human ego voice was walking around the house saying, "what does this all mean, what the heck is going on here?" 

This is the exact time to Believe in the loving, encouraging voice I hear from my higher self and quiet the ego/fear based voice that is afraid of what else may be thrown at me. I am sure that once I truly embrace the loving voice and release the ego's voice, I will find that things around me will settle down, allowing the Birthing process to continue to move me forward.

Hmm... I am having an "Aha!" moment, as I write this. I recalled while walking this pas Monday how both of my pregnancies and deliveries of my children have been the best moments of my life. I loved being pregnant, and although I feared the labor and delivery process, I was able to get through them just as I intended, without medication. I felt proud of myself, as I realized I am strong when I believe deeply in my intention. My conviction and belief helped me manage the pain and discomfort of labor and my gifts are my two wonderful children.

Pregnancy and Birth are incredible processes. The way a baby develops in the womb, in a relatively short amount of time, without us having to do anything but take care of ourselves during the pregnancy is a miracle! It is the same way when we Birth new things in our lives. There are things happening in our favor that we cannot see or control; we cannot see how our potential is getting ready to bloom. And we will go through some amount of discomfort to make room for new opportunities because we are learning and growing, and letting go!

It is interesting to me now, to remember on Monday I was actually thinking about Birth. I went on to have a difficult week and now at the end of the week, I pulled these two cards from my Soul Trees deck which validated my Intuition and Highest knowing. Yes, I do Believe something greater than myself is working in my favor, preparing me for a Birth-New Arrival within me and my life. I am grateful for this insight and the "Aha" moment!

I feel better already!"

Quantum Neutrality and Prejudice


I was standing in an R.V. campground having a casual conversation with four other people.  For anyone who has had the R.V. campground experience, you know that strangers often cluster together to meet.  I have met many people from all over the country in these campground chats.

On this particular day, there was a break from back-to-back days of rainy weather, and those with cabin fever were out stretching our legs.  This is how I happened to become engaged in conversation.   The five of us exchanged pleasantries about travel locations, which led to a discussion of oil prices, which led to a discussion about politics, which led to two of the men making racist comments in an unkind fashion about our country's leader.

Now, I have long since learned not to engage in political discussions.  I really don't care about a person's political persuasion, much like I don't care about their religious affiliations.  I try my best to give everyone the right to their opinions without adding my judgement.

But on this day, in that sunny, beautiful spot in the Colorado mountains, the racist remarks caught me off guard.  My mouth dropped open, I excused myself, turned on my heels, and  hastened back to my site. Flabbergasted, I went through mental gyrations all of which ended up with "what morons."  It was sobering to be reminded that people still think this way.  I can be a bit naive.

Then it hit me.  I was prejudiced about their prejudices.  "What a conundrum, and what do I do about this?" As I usually do once I come to my senses, I recognized this as an opportunity for clarity into my own hot buttons and greater resolve.

Humans are naturally prejudiced.  We select red over blue, chocolate over vanilla, snow over sun, and the list goes on.  Any time we prefer one thing over another, we are prejudiced.   A prejudice is a preconceived opinion not based upon reason or experience, and is a natural part of being human.  It is a neutrally based isness.

In 1954, American psychologist, Gordon Allport, linked prejudice and categorical thinking.  Allport claims prejudice is in part a normal process for humans.  According to him, The human mind must think with the aid of categories...Once formed categories are the basis for normal prejudgment.  We cannot possibly avoid this process.  Orderly living depends upon it."

However,  when we act out our prejudices in violence of action or energy towards another "being prejudice" becomes an issue. To have prejudice vs. to be prejudiced are two entirely different perspectives.  The first is a natural part of being human, the second is allowing a falsehood into our core of beingness.  We become the prejudice.  Yikes!  That hurts!

The falsehood creates illusion about who and what we are.  We judge and separate from each other,  finding ways to feel better by making ourselves superior.  At the extreme, the acting out of prejudice and judgment becomes violence and intolerance.  Prejudice is actually self-abuse and our own suffering is the end result.

So how do we change our perspective and heal this cycle of self-abuse?

I was very clear on this warm sunny day in the Colorado mountains that I was not going to change the opinions of those in my company.  It was not mine to delve into why these people felt the way they did.  I suspect if I dove deep enough, I would find at their core a bundle of wounding and  personal suffering.  They simply were not conscious.  On this day, I chose not to engage but rather to remove myself from the situation.

Next, I cut myself some slack and acknowledged my own prejudice about their prejudice.  I allowed myself to feel my feelings.  If we do not allow our feelings, they will come out sideways and it will be impossible to hold a true state of neutrality.  Our ability to hold a state of neutrality places us in zero point, where quantum possibility resides.

My feelings, truly felt, naturally relaxed into a more neutral state.  I forgave myself and the situation, re-framing while holding the possibility for a quantum shift into a non-racist world.

Playbook Tip:  When you find yourself "being prejudiced," name the prejudice and take your playbook out of the closet. Dust it off.  Hold the prejudice in your mind as you randomly open the book to a matrix.  Do three rounds with the matrix.  You will be amazed what happens to the prejudice. Remember to complete the "make a difference" step.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Conscious Business Practice

Matrix Magic Playbook Tip - Create Business Success

In my post of August 12, 2013, I posited that the rules for business are changing.  Old paradigms based upon the "survival of the fittest model" are passe' and businesses stuck in this model are breaking apart. Something new is emerging.  Business and career success now and in the future will go to those who employ new ethics of cooperation, collaboration, compromise and altruistic intent.

To shift your consciousness and align with new earth business values play with Matrices #27, #14, #32, #11, #9, #27, #45, #5

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