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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Don't be Afraid of the Dark

I never know exactly how to respond to the news.  Each day I watch and listen to several news sources.   I feel it is our responsibility to be informed because we are earth citizens and transformational agents of change. While I don't always believe everything I read and hear reported, I do have the awareness, as most of us do who follow news reports that the world is in quite a state of chaos.  Reports abound of violent crimes and shootings, weather incidents of drought, heat waves, tornadoes, floods, ethical violations of those we have trusted, human trafficking, and the list goes on.  Just as I think that the craziness and chaos can't get any worse, another event occurs and I feel myself going down the rabbit hole of despair.  What is happening?  Is this chaos a reflection of our own collective shadow?  I believe this is so.  What do you believe?

Following the collective shadow leads us into the exploration of our personal shadow.  All that has been hidden is coming to the surface.   There is much that resides in the dark that must reveal.  It is in the revelation that change occurs, and the choice towards higher consciousness can be made.   We feel hopeless until we realize that we don't have to sit passively by  while the chaos goes on around us.  We can and must take the action of self-direction to guide the light into our own dark places.  We can restore order within ourselves and emerge into our own brilliance.

Great brilliance resides within our own dark places, of which we are afraid.  We anesthetize ourselves so we don't feel our own pain. Yet, it is in the opening into our dark places, and allowing the light to touch us that our own transformation can occur.  We mine the gold  within as we allow ourselves to touch into the dark cave of self and find what is there.   Begin now.  Don't be afraid of your shadow. There is so much more to you that has yet to be revealed.

Play with Matrix #7 - The Shadow 

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