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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Believe and Birth - Guest Blogger

Soul-Trees drawn by: Allyson Williams - Yee

Allyson is an artist and intuitive. She combines her passions for creating art and connecting it to Spirit in her Soul Trees work. She created Soul Trees to inspire each of us on our individual journeys. If you would like to order your own Soul-Tree go to her website.

Allyson writes:

"This was a particularly challenging week for me. I was not feeling inspired to write, however, I decided to because I had a feeling it might help me feel better. For a little guidance, I pulled two cards from a deck I created called, The Wisdom of Soul Trees. The messages I pulled were Believe and Birth-New Arrival. 

I immediately made a connection between the messages on the cards.  Energetically, I feel like I am clearing out old junk to make room to Birth something New. I do Believe that something better is on its way and this brings me comfort, but I am feeling impatient as well. 

Although my higher mind Believes, my ego has done some complaining. Just when I am feeling like my dreams are beginning to take shape, I had a week that felt like things turned themselves upside-down. My Higher Self was plugged into my internal confidence and whispered this to me all week, but my loud, human ego voice was walking around the house saying, "what does this all mean, what the heck is going on here?" 

This is the exact time to Believe in the loving, encouraging voice I hear from my higher self and quiet the ego/fear based voice that is afraid of what else may be thrown at me. I am sure that once I truly embrace the loving voice and release the ego's voice, I will find that things around me will settle down, allowing the Birthing process to continue to move me forward.

Hmm... I am having an "Aha!" moment, as I write this. I recalled while walking this pas Monday how both of my pregnancies and deliveries of my children have been the best moments of my life. I loved being pregnant, and although I feared the labor and delivery process, I was able to get through them just as I intended, without medication. I felt proud of myself, as I realized I am strong when I believe deeply in my intention. My conviction and belief helped me manage the pain and discomfort of labor and my gifts are my two wonderful children.

Pregnancy and Birth are incredible processes. The way a baby develops in the womb, in a relatively short amount of time, without us having to do anything but take care of ourselves during the pregnancy is a miracle! It is the same way when we Birth new things in our lives. There are things happening in our favor that we cannot see or control; we cannot see how our potential is getting ready to bloom. And we will go through some amount of discomfort to make room for new opportunities because we are learning and growing, and letting go!

It is interesting to me now, to remember on Monday I was actually thinking about Birth. I went on to have a difficult week and now at the end of the week, I pulled these two cards from my Soul Trees deck which validated my Intuition and Highest knowing. Yes, I do Believe something greater than myself is working in my favor, preparing me for a Birth-New Arrival within me and my life. I am grateful for this insight and the "Aha" moment!

I feel better already!"

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