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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Quantum Consciousness - Where to Start

World behind the world

My first experience with hearing the word "quantum" was in 1991.  Someone invited me to attend an all-day program with Susan Jeffers, Bernie Segal, Deepak Chopra, and Wayne Dyer.  At the time I hadn't heard of any of these people, but attending the conference seemed better than sitting behind my desk all day so off I went.

I found the speakers motivating to be sure, and obviously something inside myself was ready to awaken, otherwise I would have preferred sitting behind my desk that day.  Deepak Chopra was the third presenter, and he began by talking about something called "quantum healing."  My reaction was something greater than bells and whistles and short of a major nuclear explosion going off inside myself.  I began to sob those embarrassing, uncontrollable kinds of sobs that sound more a wailing fox.  If you have ever heard a wailing fox you would know it is not a pretty sound.  The longer he spoke, the greater the dam opened and the tears streamed.  I woke up inside.  My relationship with the quantum began.

I can't explain this relationship through my experience as a quantum physicist.  I have none.  I can only share what has been my 20+ years of practical and heuristic study.  I continue to posit my assertions as I wander, wonder, integrate, explore, and awaken within quantum consciousness.

Someone once told me they loved taking my classes on quantum consciousness because I explained the topic in a simple way they could understand. Simple understanding equates to simple explanation.  However, simple doesn't mean easy.  And this is where I focus and where the mastery occurs.  Not my mastery, but your mastery.  Awakening to your quantum self is a next evolutionary step, a step I believe we are now taking.

Newtonian physics would have us believe our world is only what we see, not because science wishes to limit its perspective, but it  has worked hard to explain the world we see in front of our eyes.  Good job.  We are limited by the science of our times, and now quantum science is taking us into a new world.  A world which exists at the level behind our eyes.  A reality which has been deemed to be non-ordinary but is probably more real than one to which we currently subscribe.   It is a field comprised of the smallest of particles, appearing to have a mind of their own.  It is the world behind the world.

You must acknowledge, accept, and eventually integrate the knowing that there is world behind the world, and a world behind what you see as you. This is where you start. 

The Matrix Magic Playbook speaks to you in that world.  As you play in the book, greater awareness about yourself will occur and your quantum self will naturally respond to the truth of you.  The shifts and changes within will happen so quickly you will feel they occurred as if by magic.

Play with Matrices #11, #27, #32, #14, #9.

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