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Friday, April 26, 2013

Your Personal Transformation

This is a friendly reminder to open your Playbook and delve more deeply into yourself by working with the Matrices.  You will be amazed what magic can happen as more of yourself is revealed.  Now is the time, don't be shy.

If you haven't caught up with playing with the recommendations in prior blogposts, I suggest you go back and read the posts, then begin with the suggested matrices.

As you have seen, 2013 has been filled with personal and global challenges.  It is highly unlikely that these will diminish as we go forward.  The best way to be prepared is to be as resolved with your issues as you can be and this takes effort and intention.  Coming to resolution as unconscious material moves from the background to the foreground need not be a tedious process.  Maintaining a spirit of play by not taking ourselves too seriously is key.

In order to meet future challenges we must do our personal healing, and practice each and every day to be the best human we can be.  BE.

We tend to fall into habit patterns that lull us to sleep.  Rock-a-bye baby......

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