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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Matrix Magic Playbook Tip - Cherish Yourself

To cherish someone or something is to protect and care for them lovingly.  If you cannot cherish yourself, it is impossible to fully cherish another.  The value of your life needs to be cherished and protected.  This means that you do not abuse yourself, nor do you allow abuse from others.  When you can truly treat yourself with loving kindness you will know you have integrated the new earth energy of pure self-love.

ACTION TIP #1  - Play with Matrix #49 following the usual instructions.  Then add the following questions :

1.  How have I been wounded by the masculine?
2.  How have I been wounded by the feminine?
3.  Gaze at the matrix as you ask your own inner masculine to reveal himself.
4.  Gaze at the matrix as you ask your own inner feminine to reveal herself.

Balance between these two aspects of yourself is imperative if you are to truly be able to cherish yourself.

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