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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year - Dance Your Way Into New Earth

Happy New Year!

Listening to Johnny Cash "I Cross the Line," as I write, I nostalgically am reminded about the many nights in days gone by I spent gliding across the wooden dance floor of the local country western bar.  There is nothing like the feeling of pulling on those boots, stuffing oneself into blue jeans,  donning the hat and heading out for a night on the town.

The music begins, the dance floor fills, couples find the beat and there is a magic that happens as the dancers twirl and turn, slide and 1,2, 3.  A freedom feeling overtakes, and life outside goes away.

Admittedly I haven't stepped out like that for about 25 years, but the memories are stored in my cells.  I can still twirl and my feet can find the steps, but the dance floor has changed to my den, my boots to slippers, and the dance band to Pandora.  Forget the tight  blue jeans.  But the heart opens still,  and the soul-filled  feeling arrives as Pandora belts out Ian Tyson.

I hope your year is filled with open-hearted  laughing, dancing, twirling, and finding your step in an adventurous 2013 and beyond.

Let's swing into the new year country western style!  Cheers!

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