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Monday, December 31, 2012

Make Creativity your Best Friend - Forget the Washington Style

I really hate to use the words "Washington politics" and  "fiscal cliff"  in the same sentence with "new earth creative process."   However, they share some commonality.  They are both energy.  The first stuck, the second flowing.

Washington politics are a creative process, albeit some processes are more functional than others.  The Washington political process is an example of what occurs when creative process stagnates.

The purpose of this message is not to debate politics, but to remind us all that creativity and creative process is an imperative part of creating our new earth.   Nothing overwhelmingly newsy about this except to note that humans enjoy a good fight with creativity.  "I'm not creative,"  has been our mantra.  

 Creativity is a universal aspect of our true nature, and when it rightly flows, our lives work.  Money is good, relationship is good, life is good.  If creativity is blocked we create our own personal "fiscal cliff."

If we want to create in the Washington style, then we should roll up our shirtsleeves, pick our side of the aisle and declare a fight with creativity. Or, if we want to move with the energy and blessings of new earth possibility, we must make the creative process our BEST FRIEND.   Best friends have RELATIONSHIP.

*They stick together through the good times and the bad
*They want to hang out
*They come to the rescue
*They nurture
*They drink, play, and laugh together
*They have each other's back
*They are unafraid of sharing intimate secrets
*They don't always agree

Look into the face of creativity and consider it your new best friend.  Develop your relationship with it.  Hold it's hand as your friend and leap off the possibility cliff.

So now, pull your creativity down from the shelf, dust it off, and move some energy.  

Play with Matrices #22, #11, #17

And by the way, Washington could use all our prayers.


  1. Keep your wisdom coming as you help us dip into our own. Happy New Earth Year!

  2. I love that "dip into our own wisdom." Imagine how we can affect the world if we all dip into our deepest wisdom and act from there.



  3. Thank you for writing this post. Creativity gets pushed to the side in my own life all too often. You have inspired me :-)

    1. New earth energy is to inspire each other. Glad the article did the trick. Now, allow me to challenge you to inspire another.