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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Playbook and Personal Perspectives

Ok, well, the Playbook is obviously running the show here, but this blog will include my own, personal perspectives on things as well.  We are sharing the platform, so to speak.
Over the next few days, maybe weeks, I will be sharing some info about winter solstice.  Its effects are still unfolding, and will continue to unfold for a long time.  Here are a few observations:

1.  THINGS HAVE CHANGED. No, duh....

2.  Everyone has to take responsibility for themselves.  Nobody will do it for us.   We must think of ourselves as empowered.  We must be empowered.  No more excuses.   There is alot of help for you, but healers, teachers, guru types are passe' so to speak and will have to redefine their work.  The point is that YOU have direct access to spiritual help.  The source is with you.

3.  Two important words are:  "Realign" and "Redefine" yourself with the new earth paradigm.  Ask yourself,  is this person, place, thing, situation,or relationship supportive?  If not, let it go.

4. Be heart-based, no matter what. 

5.  Play and have fun.

6.  We can't do this without each other.

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