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Monday, December 24, 2012

Listen to the Call of your Soul - Normal Can Never Be Amazing

The interesting thing about change is that it is a natural process.  We could say that we are a natural change process.  The paradox is that if change is natural, why do we resist  change?  We are so excited when amazing things happen in our lives.  We love that!   Yet we also want to appear "normal."  We are so deeply enculturated that we fear being judged, so we do what we can to look or act like consensus reality.  We live in dire fear of not being "normal."  We take all kinds of steps to appear as "normal" as possible.  Here is the thing, normal can never be amazing.

The solstice energy and shift into a new age means that we have to accept our responsibility to be uniquely who we are.  If we resist, we will find we are going to be catapulted out of being stuck in "normal."  Normal puts us into neutral.   In neutral, we don't go anywhere.  We need to proactively shift into a higher gear.  If we continue trying to be "normal," we are going to be in for a shock.  A smooth transition into new earth  and higher consciousness will be dependent upon our resistance factor.  Resistance to change necessitates cataclysmic events occur to get our attention.  I do not believe we need to experience these type of events, if we are proactive.  A first step is to be willing and to be fearless.    Begin by stepping out of the consensus reality, "normal."

We must be fearless in our efforts and energy towards our personal transformation.  What does transformation of self really mean?  It means we are not run by the ego's desire to be normal, to be like everyone else.  We cannot realize our true potential if we try to conform.  We must learn to listen to our deepest heart's desire.  It speaks softly, but it does speak.

My hope for you is that you will awaken to the call of your soul.  It makes you uniquely you.

Play with matrices 10, 7, 14, 21 and 32 to help you make the shift.   Begin today.   Amazing is the way life is intended to be lived.  We are amazing and life is amazing.

Blessed Christmas Eve.

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