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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Pinocchio You Are Not Alone - We Want to Be Authentic

I never did care much for those plastic, stone-faced, life-size mannequins whose lifeless bodies fill the windows of department stores.  They seem really creepy to me, no matter how real the window dressers try to make them appear.   During the holiday season, they are standing in snowy scenes, dressed in  matching red dresses wearing shawls trimmed in fake white fur.  I  understand there is a company an Italian company selling mannequins with embedded cameras behind their eyes to take our pictures and collect data about our shopping habits.  Double creepy.

As I wander the mall, I begin to think that the mannequins have escaped their window environments.  I am surrounded by them.  They mechanically walk around me, their eyes appear to be glazed over, staring straight ahead as they rush in and out of the stores.  I realize they are not mannequins at all, but rather holiday shoppers in the post-holiday shopping frenzy. 

I try to cry at this outlandish scene, but I realize my own eyes have turned to plastic and I can't shed a tear.  Gee, what will it take for all of us to awaken from our plastic stupor and come alive?

Fortunately the wise divine mother stands tall over the earth ready to share her energy and her wisdom with all souls who wish to awaken.  We merely need to request her help and she will come.  She warms our plastic tears to life.  I always wanted to become a real girl.   Pinocchio you are not alone.  

Play with Matrix #16, #30 and #49.

If you haven't yet begun to work with the Matrix Magic Playbook, don't worry or judge yourself in any way.  Start today.

If you are a seasoned Playbook afficianado, try working with several matrices at a time focused on a particular topic. 

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