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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Spiritual Awakening Out of the Straightjacket of Self-Sabotage

Fortunately,  most of us will never know what it is like to be locked inside a real straightjacket.  I am sure it is not a comfortable experience.   However, we are locked inside another kind of straightjacket.  The straightjacket of our own self-sabotaging thoughts.

Day in and day out our mind chatter plays.  "I feel guilty about.... I feel shame about.... I'm no good at..... I'm too.... I just can't....Nobody really cares about me because....I'm unlovable because...  I'm such a failure around...."  We drive ourselves crazy with the incessant rambling.

The straitjacket was once a treatment for mental disorders such as schizophrenia, depression and anxiety disorders.  The straitjacket, also known as the camisole, was invented in France in 1790 by an upholsterer. At the height of its use, it was considered more humane than traditional restraints made of ropes or chains.

Up until Freud began to unlock the doors into better understanding of the human psyche, doctors did not understand what caused patient behavior.  They cited possible causes of mental illness as  "religious excitement," "sunstroke", "reading novels."  They believed that the patient had lost control over their morals and that strict discipline was needed.  They used straitjackets to control and restrain patients in a variety of ways.

As archaic as these ideas and treatments seem, our addiction to mind chatter is as archaic.  The new era of higher principle in human development into which we are moving, leaves behind the heavy, self-sabotaging thoughts as a mechanism for advancement.  This dualistic thinking is outmoded and you cannot spiritually advance unless you make radical changes towards lighter thinking.

Now is the time to break your habit and begin to anchor positive thought.  Here is a link to some helpful suggestions:

Ways to Stop Negative Self Talk

Spiritual awakening cannot happen unless you change the way you talk and think about yourself.  We no longer have the luxury of indulging limiting beliefs of any kind.   Unbuckle, step out, and burn your straightjacket!  You might just find your wings of light.

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